Like the adage, Rome was not built in a day, but it was a result of countless days of continuous work. So also is the story of Assembly of Gospellers’ church. It started with God calling his son Rev. Olabanji Manasseh Akintoye out of the Christ Apostolic church to establish a church in an entirely new terrain, as an obedient child of God, he obeyed the call and that was what gave birth to the wonderful story of the ‘shop church’ which started around March, 1996, which coincidentally is the month of birth of the man of God.

The church started from a shop in a street where churches have been known to have fled because of the strong demonic forces in the area and it was said that the place was dedicated to a water goddess. Many churches made attempts to plant their church in Iyewa street but failed, so powerful were the strong holds then that a church was said to have started a revival on the street but after about two days they fled the street leaving their drum set behind. The church started as an office for counseling with only the man of God and few wooden benches, it later became a fellowship and from been a fellowship it became a church in a shop. Which confirms that GOD never forsakes His anointed children.
After the church started battles started, at first it was spiritual after a while physical persecutions, confrontation and slanders began. There was a time a man close to the church arrested the man of God and that day fortunately was a night of vigil, so the man of God was behind the police counter at Okota police station while the members of the church were having vigil, when it was time for vigil to commence he started singing praises behind bars, after a while the policemen on duty joined in the praises and he did his own vigil with them, which reminds us of the story of Paul and Silas who praised God even in the prison. He was later released as there was no basis for his arrest.

After few years of enjoying Gods’ mighty move in the shop church it was time for the church to expand. The church was informed about a land at the back of the church, on enquiring about the land the owner vehemently said never will she sell to the church accusing the pastor of always preaching against witches, but who can stop what God has purposed. After a while the landlady’s family came to beg the church to buy the land, but the church was not even financially buoyant enough to pay for the land, as it was sold for #230,000. The church had to pay in installments. The money was gotten from building donations, anniversary donations, etc. Hallelujah the land today is now housing the head quarters of the church.
From then on, it was now about building the little crowd into a church, and with the help of the holy-spirit and exemplary leadership the man of God and his beloved wife have helped shaped lives and families and developed good leaders with the fear of God. The church has not yet gotten to where God is taking it to but God has been faithful to the church as He used it to bring the light of the gospel to Iyewa axis of Isolo and now the area can boast of having many churches.

Another event in which our mother in the Lord said she cannot forget in a hurry, was years ago when a word of knowledge came from the lord that they should pray against crawling spirit. On getting to church that evening for vigil she decided to rest her head on the gourd rattle ‘sekere’ before vigil began. After a while she noticed it was unusually heavy. On turning the sekere upside down a very big snake crawled out of the sekere and made an attempt to run but was killed and burnt.

Truly God builds a hedge of fire around his beloved.
The church has grown from strength to strength over the years, God has expanded the church with a new branch and the power and glory of God has ever since been more mighty in the church.God has used the church for mighty testimonies and to win several to Christ and he is still doing more till now.



1 Timothy 2:1 ESV
First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,